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To: My Blue-Eyed Angel


"My feisty little lion," he jested with a playful grin, smirking when she nipped his lip. Stefan knew that they were just joking around, but April was a complete kitten. She had her moments when she was fierce, but overall she was his little kitten and he hoped that she would stay his, no matter what. Stefan was in love with his blue-eyed angel. He would do any and everything for her. His life, his heart, his soul all belonged to April Young, and he was content to know that she returned his love too. He knew that even in death she hoped for her father’s approval, wanting to make him proud. He cupped her cheeks in his hands, bringing her attention back to him, his green-eyed gaze meeting hers. "He would be proud of you going on with your life, making your own decisions..being the strong woman he knew you could be, and that I see everyday," Stefan told her softly, offering her a warm smile. "And if he isn’t proud of that he’s missing out on seeing how absolutely amazing his daughter is." The vampire shrugged slightly, "I’m not completely sure, I could ask Bonnie if she knows a spell for immortality, but I know that those kinds of options are limited and typically throw of the balance if it comes through any other way but vampirism. "Fine fine, I’ll let you win this time, but I still love you more, no matter what," he smirked, kissing the corner of her lips. The sound of enjoyment that passed her lips was downright sinful, and Stefan gobbled up ever note of it. He let out a low, hungry growl when she bucked her hips forward into his own again, loving the way his name sounded rolling off of his tongue. His hands pulled off her bra hurriedly before he untied her pajama pants, pushing them off of her waist and down before he flipped them over on the couch until she was under him. He kissed her soundly, needing to feel her lips against his one more time before his hands hooked to the side of her pants and underwear, pulling them down her thighs slowly. "I love you too."

    “Your feisty little lion.” She assured him. Letting out a girlish laugh. Her fingers making a claw shape, as she growled at him playfully. Blushing lightly, as she realized how she probably looked. She knew she could be fierce when, she was pissed off, but she was mostly a kitten. Purred like a kitten, was as gentle and playful as a kitten. If she weren’t a human, she’d probably be a kitten, but she didn’t really mind. Looking over at him, she couldn’t help but light up, any outside source would say she was beaming with love. He was her knight in shining armor, and she would do anything to be with him forever. As he cupped her face, she couldn’t help but look up at him, with wide innocent eyes. Trying not to frown, though she wasn’t sure how well that was working. But the moment he began talking, April couldn’t help but smile up at him lovingly. Her eyes tearing over in complete happiness. “Stefan Salvatore, you don’t know how much you mean to me. Absolutely no words can describe how great you just made me feel. I know i’ll always have my doubts about him being proud, but you made it so that they’re not as strong as they were. So thank you.” She whispered, leaning up and kissing his cheek softly. her arms wrapping around him in a tight hug. “No, don’t worry about it. I want to be with you forever, without any other complications. I want to become a vampire.” She nodded, before rolling her eyes playfully. “Hey! You can’t let me win, and then just take it back in the same breath!” She pouted in a teasing way. Within seconds, she undid his pants, and began to push them as far down as she could without breaking their kiss. Hearing his growl, sent a shiver down her spine. Her hands going to his shirt and tugging at it. As he flipped them over, she let out  a soft noise, her hands going under his shirt and running along his skin, slowly pushing his shirt up his body. Before finally breaking the kiss, and throwing it over his head. Wrapping her bare legs around his waist, as she ground herself against him. Letting out a loud moan as she did so. “Stefan.” She breathed out. Wanting more.

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